What is Hive Coins Club?

Hive Coins Club is a Smart Contract Co-Op & Joint Venture Platform, built on the Hybrid Intrinsic Value Engine (H.I.V.E.) & designed with multiple residual Advertising & Income (A.I.) Streams!

What is the Hive Mind Concept?

Analogous to the behavior of social insects, whereupon a group of people become aware of their commonality & thus begin to think & act as a Collective Community, sharing their knowledge, experience, & resources, actively progressing towards a Common Goal.

Big Things Have Humble Beginnings

After registration, create multiple streams of advertising & income by joining programs through our HIVE Builder. Add more streams at your own pace.

Activating your Co-Op position automatically includes your HIVE Streams into our Viral Advertising Network, boosting your downlines & crypto rewards.

Our growing Joint Venture Partnership Network of Hive Minded entrepreneurs, building an active crypto community collective, focused on teambuilding.

Our growing Viral Advertising Network of Social Media Outlets, Login Pages, Text Ads, Banner Networks, Viral Mailers, & Traffic Exchange exposure.

Why It Works?

Crypto Rewards Programs, that work optimally in a TeamBuild fashion, were carefully curated to represent the platforms in our Downline Builder. New Members are incentivized to join through the Downline Builder due to the TeamBuilding benefit of those programs, as well as our Co-Op Network.

How it Works?

Our Goal is YOUR SUCCESS! The MORE YOU EARN...THE MORE WE EARN! H.I.V.E. is designed to progressively reward our members, who actively participate & progress in multiple A.I. Streams, by offering Referral Spillover, Increased Visibility & Boosted Commissions! It's time to... JOIN THE HIVE!

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